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on page seo exparts. Hi, I am Tariqul Islam. I am a Professional SEO Expert and Digital Marketer. I am doing this for the past 3+ years. I can help you with Keyword Research, ON Page and OFF Page SEO, Technical SEO, WordPress SEO, Social Media Marketing, and Search Engine Marketing. I am providing the best results for my clients.
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Some Rules of SEO for e-commerce website 

Keyword selection.


on page seo

  1. First, you have to research keywords for your home page, category pages,es, and every product.
  2. Then you have to select a profitable keyword for your home page and category page then for every product.
  3. Keyword in the page title ( Title length should be 50-60 characters).
  4. Keyword in the H1 tag.
  5. Keyword in sub headers( h2,h3,h5—).
  6. Keyword in the product description( You have to follow keyword density for this ).
  7. Use the keyword in the image alt tag.
  8. Keyword in meta title and meta description( meta description should be 150-160 characters).
  9. Keyword in URL (URL should be less than 60 characters).
  10. Use the brand name in the title. For example women’s clothing. Buy women’s Fashionable Cloth-Fashionistax(Here Fashionistax is the brand name).
  11. Use unique content. Avoid duplicate content.
  12. Reduce image size.
  13. Add a blog section.
  14. Speed up loading time.


Google Ranking Factor. (on page seo)

  1. Google ranking depends on website structure, on page seo, off-page SEO, and social signal.
  2. Your website has some structural problems, please see the attached photo.
  3. Loading speed is also very bad.


Some important tips to increase your business.

Join different online buying and selling groups of your country on social media,

especially Facebook, and share your service ( First put your website or post a link. Then delete the link only and click the post button.If you post links directly to another group Facebook may ban your account. Daily try to share at least 100 groups. Suppose every group has 5k members. So it is not difficult to get 5 clients daily. But the first time, you may not get any clients. For the continue this share for at least 1 month. Then people will start to believe you and will show their curiosity.

Create at least 1 board or pin daily in your Pinterest account.

Think about why you do social media marketing ( use the free method).


1 . About 3.96 billion people use social media account

The 11 top social media sites in the world and their user (on page seo)

  1. Facebook- 32 billion
  2. Youtube – 9 billion
  3. Whatsapp- 6 billion
  4. Instagram- 1 billion
  5. Twitter- 330 million
  6. Linkedin- 303 million
  7. Pinterest- 250 million
  8. So social media can be a great platform for you.


Hi There If you give me the work I will complete a full audit and fix all the problems. Besides this, I will provide the following services:(on page seo)

  1. Page audit and report
  2. Keyword Research
  3. Permalink setup check
  4. Yoast Configuration setup check
  5. Social Media Configure
  6. Webmaster tools setup check
  7. XML sitemap setup check
  8. Robots.txt setup check
  9. Checking and Fixing search console errors
  10. Cache clear and Remove Url( If needed)
  11. Google analytics setup
  12. Duplicate content check
  13. Broken link check and remove
  14. On-page for every page and post:
  15. Focus Key phrase Set
  16. Seo title setup

iii.     Slug setup

  1. Meta description
  2. H1,h2,h3,h4,h5 tag setup
  3. Outbound link s

vii.    Internal links setup

viii.   Image alt attributes

  1. Feature images set up
  2. Schema for your post and product

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