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What is data security? best encryption algorithm 2022

Question-28. What is data security?

Answer: Data security or data security is a measure taken to prevent any unauthorized second person or organization from knowing or destroying the data or information, database, and websites of any person or organization.

Question-28. What is data encryption?

Answer: Data encryption is the process of modifying data and presenting it in another format for data security.

There are four main parts to data encryption. E.g.

  1. Cleartext: The state of the data before encrypting the sender’s data, that is, what is readable.

Says. For example- “Cox`s Bazar City College” Cox`s Bazar.

  1. Ciphertext: The state in which information is obtained after encrypting data from the sender, i.e. it is usually human.

What is not readable is called ciphertext.

  1. Encryption Algorithm

Answer: The mathematical formula that converts from cleartext to ciphertext and from ciphertext to cleartext is called an encryption algorithm. Such that each character is an encryption algorithm replaced by its next character. As a result, no ordinary user will be able to understand the actual data. In this case, the recipient has to explain the rules of encrypted data. E.g.-

Actual data A B U L K A L A M.

Encrypted data B C V M L B  M B N.

Question 29. What is the security key?

A: The secret code that encrypts and decrypts data is called security.

Q-30. What is Database Administrator?

Answer: The person or persons on whom the central control system of the database is vested is called the Database Administrator. These are the top-level users who are most familiar with the database and who create, modify and control the database. The overall success of database management depends on the administrative and technical skills of the database administrator.

What does the word data mean?

Answer: Data.

What does the word database mean?

Answer: Information gathering.

Address What type of data type?

Answer: Text

Which data can be fully expressed by yes/no?

Answer: Logical

35 Name, occupation, date of birth, and type of salary fields.

Answer: Text, text, Date / time, Currency

Who introduced RDBMS?

Answer: Edgar Codd.

Who created SQL?

Answer: San Jose Research Center

Which field type is used for descriptive or descriptive writing?

Answer: Memo

The ID number, name, address, and salary are – Answer: Attribute

 What is the full form of the word MIS?

Answer: Management Information System

What is a file?

A: Some interrelated records.

Which field type is used for automatic data entry?

Answer: Auto number

What does query mean?

A: Finding data very quickly and easily.

What does Encrypt mean?

A: To prevent the use of illegal users.

In the C program, control statements are mainly divided into two parts. E.g.

A) Conditional Control Statement. And b) Loop Control Statement.

A) Conditional control statement:

The conditional control statement that is used to execute a conditional statement is called conditional control statement. If the condition used in the conditional statement is true, one kind of result is found in the program and if not true, another kind of result is found. There is a kind of conditional statement. E.g. if, if-else, or else if I switch statement.

Structure of if statement:

if (condition)



The structure of if-else statement

if (condition)

statements to be executed

if the conditional expression is true;


statements to be executed

if the conditional expression is false;

The structure of else if statement

if (condition expression1)

statement1 to be executed if conditional expression1 is true;

else if (conditional expression2)

statement2 to be executed if conditional expression1 is false but conditional expression2 is true;

B) Loop statement

Loop is the execution of one or more statements in a program under certain conditions.

Statements in the program are usually edited automatically and periodically. But if a statement needs to be performed two or more times then a loop statement is used. There are three types of loops. E.g.

  1. for loop b) while loop c) do-while loop.

Structure of for statement:

counter declaration;

for (initialization; condition; increment / decrement);


The structure of the while statement

counter declaration;

counter initialization; / (input)

while (condition);


increment / decrement;

The structure of do while statement:

counter declaration;

counter initialization; / (input)



increment / decrement;

while (condition);

Question-23. What is a function?

A: In a C / C program, when a number of statements are placed in a block under a given name to perform a specific task, it is called a function. Each C program is the sum of one or more such functions. The easiest way to recognize a function is to have a pair of first parentheses () at the end of the function name.

The functions used in C / C can be divided into two main parts. Namely- a) Library Function (Library Function) an

B) User-Defined Functio

  1. A) Library Function (Library Function): The function which is pre-created in the C / C compiler library and the function prototype is given in different header files, is called the Library function. Library functions are also called built-in functions. The C Turbo C compiler has many such library functions for performing various mathematical, logical, and other functions.

The description of John C’s Library Function for receiving, using, and displaying data is as follows-

Data Input: getchar (), scanf (), gets (), sscanf (), fscanf ()

Data Processing: =, if / else, for, while, do-while, switch ()

Data Output: putchar (), puts (), printf (), sprint (), fprintf ()

  1. B) User-Defined Function:

A: The function that the user creates in the C program for the purpose of work and is not included in the prototype header file is called a user-defined or user-defined function.

Question-24. What is an array?

A: An array is a computer’s view of arranging a number of related data in computer memory. Arrays or formats have multiple members and members are identified by location. There are two types of arrays. E.g.- A) One-dimensional array: An array in which data is presented in a single column or row is called a one-dimensional array. In this type of array, the data level is one. So this type of array is called a one-dimensional array. An array is declared using the [] statement in C language. The common format for declaring one-dimensional arrays is – DataType_ArrayName_ [ArraySize];

B) Two-dimensional array:

The array in which the data is presented simultaneously in the form of rows and columns and published by two subscripts is called a two-dimensional array. The common format for declaring a two-dimensional array in C language is-

DataType_ArrayName_ [RowSize] [ColumnSize];

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Question-25. What is a format specifier?

A: The format specifier is to indicate what kind of data will be input into the program. The scanf () and printf () functions are expressed with the same type of character.

Question-26. What is a token?

A: Tokens usually mean symbols. The words and characters used in the various statements of the C program are collectively called tokens, which perform different functions individually or collectively.

What is hacking?

  1. C program for adding two numbers:

# include <stdio.h>

int main()


int x,y,z;

printf(“First number is:”);


printf(“Second number is:”);



printf(“The sum of two numbers is:”);


return 0;


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  1. C program for averaging two numbers


int main()


float x,y,avg;

printf(“First number is:”);


printf(“Second number is:”);


avg =(x+y)/2;

printf(“the avarage of two number is=”);

printf(“%f”, avg);

return 0;


  1. C program for calculating the area of ​​a triangle


int main()


float b,h,a;






printf(“the Area of Triangle is=”);

printf(“%f”, a);

return 0;


  1. C program for determining the area of ​​a circle


int main()


float r,pi=3.1416,a;




printf(“the area of the circle is= “);


return 0;


  1. Write a C program to convert centigrade temperature to Fahrenheit.


int main()


float C,F;

printf(“Enter temperature in Celsius=”);



printf(“The temperature in Fahrenheit is=”);


return 0;


  1. Write C program to convert Fahrenheit temperature to centigrade.


int main()


float C,F;

printf(“Enter temperature in Fahrenheit:”);



printf(“The temperature in Celsius is:”);


return 0;



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