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What is information technology? top 10 question and answer

Information and Communication Technology: World and Bangladesh Perspectives

Question-1. What is information technology?

Answer: The technology through which information is quickly collected, stored, processed,

modernized, managed, transferred, and used as required is called information technology.


Question 2. What is communication technology?

Answer: In addition to storing, managing, and processing information,

to communicate with various individuals or organizations located near or

far through various electronic devices, including information transfer,

exchange or overall communication.


Question-3. What is Information and Communication Technology (ICT)?

Answer: The full form of ICT is – Information and Communication Technology Information and communication. technology is the current information technology as communication technology is closely associated with information technology.


Question-4. What is Global Village?

A: Global Village is an environment where all the people of the world live in . a single society and serves each other through the use of electronic media and information technology.

Herbert Marshall McLuhan, a professor of English at the University of Toronto in. Canada and the famous philosopher was the first to describe the concept of the Global Village. According to him.


“Through the use of electronic media, the world has become a village and it is  . very easy to communicate with any part of the world or provide services to others.”

In the case of Bishwagram, the means of electronic communication are radio, television, telephone, mobile phone, computer, internet, etc.


Question: -5. What is a computer?

Answer: The word originates from the Greek word which means calculator. A computer is an electronic device that can easily perform a variety of logical and decision-making tasks, including large mathematical calculations with a large amount of information in a very short time.


(Mathematical) can perform various types of reasoning and decision-making functions including calculations. It includes the input part, memory, control part, mathematical and logic part, and emission part.


It converts all types of data into binary numbers (0 and 1) and then converts them back to data at the end of the solution. It first receives data, then analyzes and quickly and accurately publishes results.


Definition of Oxford Dictionary: – Computer is an electronic device for creating information that can store and analyze, and this information is used for calculation or machine control.


Question-6. What is the basic function of a computer?

Ans: The computer performs the following 4 essential functions. E.g.

  1. Problem-solving programs are created by the user’s computer and stored in the user’s memory

Executes computer programs on instructions.

  1. The computer receives data through input devices like a keyboard, mouse, joystick, disk, etc.
  2. Processes data.
  3. Computers publish results through output devices such as monitors, printers, speakers, multimedia projectors, etc.


Question-7. What is the Internet?

A: The larger computer network that connects many large and small computer networks is called the Internet.

The Internet is a communication system between countless computers spread across the globe.


The initial activities of the Internet began with ARPANET. In 1989, the US Department of Defense connected four universities in the country through an experimental computer network as part of a research project.


The name of this network is Arpanet. Finally, in 1990, ARPANET ceased operations and became known as the Internet.

Question-8. What is an E-Mail?

Answer: The full form of E-Mail is Electronic Mail. Each computer is connected. the Internet needs a unique address to exchange information. This one and only unique address are called an E-mail Address.

E-mail addresses are often called e-mail accounts. It is possible to exchange information very quickly in any part of the world through e-mail addresses.

Question-9. What is teleconferencing?

A: Teleconferencing is the process of exchanging information, exchanging views, or holding a . meeting between two or more persons with the help of telecommunication. a system using a computer through an internet connection. Mori Turf invented this method in 1975. Teleconferencing is also.  called web conferencing. Anyone can do teleconferencing from anywhere.  in the world covered by telecommunication. information communication technology (ICT).

Q-10. What is Video Conferencing?

Ans: Video conferencing is a system in which a computer. or electronic communication system monitors or participants participate in a . conversation by seeing each other face to face.

The following components are required for video conferencing-

  1. Multimedia computer 2. Microphone 3. Fax modem 4. Internet connection 5. Telephone line or broadband line 6. Speaker 8. Sound card 8. Video capture card 9. Webcam and 10.

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