nutritious value of banana

nutritious value of banana / 5 ways to keep the body detoxified

nutritious value of banana: Banana is a delicious and nutritious fruit. Ripe bananas have a lot of calories. So just playing with a banana gives energy to the body for a long time.

Excessive fever or sudden weight loss weakens the body.

nutritious value of banana: Bananas act like antacids. In other words, bananas help digestion and solve flatulence problems. Bananas also help prevent the growth of harmful bacteria in the stomach.

nutritious value of banana:

Bananas are rich in iron and help produce hemoglobin in the blood. As a result, bananas are a very beneficial fruit for those suffering from anemia.

People who suffer from regular heartburn regularly eat one banana a day on a full stomach.

Improves the body’s immune system:

nutritious value of banana: Several studies have shown that regular consumption of raw bananas increases the level of antioxidants in the body, which in turn reduces the levels of harmful toxins in the body, but also improves the immune system. Needless to say, once the immune system is strong, no disease, big or small, can get close to it.

 Weight control:

Resistance starch present in raw bananas takes time to be digested. And if you are not hungry, the amount of food you eat starts to decrease. As a result, fewer calories enter the body. And when this happens for a long time, it does not take long to lose weight.

Reduces the level of bad cholesterol in the body:

Raw bananas contain a lot of dietary fiber, which reduces the level of harmful cholesterol in the blood, as well as increases the performance of the arteries. As a result, as the risk of sudden heart attack decreases, various diseases are forced to stay away.

Nutritional deficiencies are eliminated:

In order for the nutrients present in the food to be used properly by the body, some of the ingredients present in the raw banana are taken care of.  Needless to say, this only increases the performance of the body.

Stays away from diseases like diabetes:

There is no risk of raising blood sugar levels by eating a raw banana. Rather it plays a special role in controlling sugar levels. That’s why diabetics can safely eat raw bananas. However, if you wish, you can consult a doctor about this once.

5 ways to keep the body detoxified

After eating, it is chemically converted in the intestines to produce certain substances, which in turn, become toxic substances in the body for a long time. However, it is also possible to eliminate it. Keeping the body detoxified is essential for the body and mind to stay healthy. These toxins can be eliminated by eating some simple foods regularly.

Bitter food: the nutritious value of banana

Bitter foods play a good role in removing toxins from our bodies. In this case, there is no jury of eternal water, Karla, or neem leaf juice.


Lemons contain a set of detox diets called toxins, which help eliminate toxins.

Lemons also contain vitamin C, which helps to take care of teeth and skin.

And the alkaline effect of lemon maintains your body’s acidity balance. Drinking hot water with a slice of lemon every day will eliminate toxins from your body.

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We all know that garlic plays an important role in keeping the heart-healthy.

It contains a chemical called allicin which helps in eliminating white blood cell components and toxins in the blood. There are many important to eating bananas.

Green tea

Plays a special role in eliminating toxins and biochemicals from the body.

These fluids play a role in enhancing the performance of different parts of our body.

It is not only tea but also known as weight loss medicine. It contains high levels of antioxidants.

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Fresh fruit

Fresh fruit contains vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, fiber, and low calories which helps to remove toxins from the body. At the same time, it brightens the eyes and skin and enhances digestion by smoothing the skin. Fresh fruits play an important role in the list of eating habits.

The health of the skin in hot weather

Many people sweat profusely in hot weather. Ghamachio is also. Sweating removes water as well as salt from the body. So if you sweat a lot, you need to fill the water and salt deficiency immediately. It is better to try to avoid hot weather to prevent sweating and excessive sweating. If you have a tendency to itch, you can occasionally sponge the body with cold water. nutritious value of banana

nutritious value of banana:

However, if you tend to sweat a lot, you should seek medical attention, because excessive sweating can be a symptom of a disease. Some skin diseases are advised to avoid the sun. In addition, if any person wants to go out in the sun, they have to use regular sunscreen. We know that it is better to go in the sun to make vitamin D in the body. But it is better not to go out in the sun after 10 am in hot weather. nutritious value of banana

Anything else

Even in very hot weather, some people get cold. The common cold occurs. It May cause sinusitis. This happens with sudden changes in temperature. So it is not right to come out of the very cold and get very hot or vice versa. Temperatures may be kept too low for temporary relief at work. nutritious value of banana

Getting out of there may be a problem if it gets too hot on the road. Excessive cold water, ice, ice cream, etc. can also make you sick. When using an air conditioner, it is best to keep the room temperature within a simple and tolerable range. nutritious value of banana

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