simple health tips for everyone

simple health tips for everyone

Clarity of body and environment

simple health tips for everyone: Clarity of body and environment For good health we need physical purity and cleanliness of the environment. If the body is not kept clean then the chances of getting skin diseases are high and the inconsistency of the atmosphere can lead to many bacterial infections.

It is necessary to take a bath every day as it protects the body from the accumulation of dirt and the growth of germs. All parts of the body that are exposed to an adequate amount of sweat should be thoroughly cleaned.

Hands should be washed thoroughly with soap and water immediately after defecation, otherwise, the germs will remain in the fingernails or on the hands. If you do not wash your hands with soap or something like that before eating, germs can enter the body due to carelessness or negligence. Be careful with drinking water. Unclean water should not be drunk without clear water.

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Even if it is not possible to get purified water out on the streets, it is better not to drink dirty water. It is better not to take food or drink made with unclean water. Flies also play a significant role in the spread of the disease. So it is better not to eat this kind of food as flies are sitting on the food items sold on the streets.

It is important to cut your nails at least once a week. An adequate amount of air and sunlight needs to come into the house. It cannot grow harmful pathogens in the home environment. I want to clean the house and all the contents of the house immediately.

It is very important to pay attention to the health of the teeth. After tiffin and eating must be cleaned with a toothbrush or toothpaste. It should be kept in mind that after five minutes of eating, the toothpaste that has accumulated between the teeth starts to turn into stone. As a result, tooth decay or gum disease is seen later. This can lead to stomach ailments.

Brushing your teeth at night is much more important than brushing your teeth in the morning because it is important to leave food in the gaps between the teeth as much as possible in case of tooth loss. So, even if you can’t brush your teeth with toothpaste or paste, you have to keep your teeth clean only by brushing them properly.

Properly brushing your teeth for just 2 minutes at a time is enough to reduce the amount of dental exercise due to the habit of eating soft food in the western world. This is one of the reasons for the increase in dental disease. It is necessary to eat some solid food every day so that some dental work is done.

If you ever have black spots on your teeth or any pain, you should consult a dentist as soon as possible. As soon as their idea goes to the doctor, the doctor will advise removing the tooth. But this is a misconception.

In fact, doctors try their best to save teeth. He decides to remove the teeth only when there is no other way. If tooth decay cannot be prevented from the beginning, then it must be removed.

Taking painkillers alone does not eliminate the root cause of the disease. To maintain good eye health, clean hands should be cleaned with clear water two to four times a day.

It is inappropriate to study in insufficient light. Direct light rays should not be allowed to fall on the eyes. Anything brought to light should be read. Just as the body needs external cleansing, it is also necessary to keep the inner body clean. If stool accumulates in the rectum, many diseases are born from it.

Our daily diet will be controlled (average) and we will have to maintain healthy habits (narasab, ধbadhasahu udhanarah) so that we can defecate in a clean way every day. Some people defecate every two to three days. Many people do not know the symptoms of the disease. This is also an illusion.

This is because if it continues like this, the digestive system will not function properly and as a result, many diseases will gradually start to appear.

how to balance healthy eating and treats

Balance and healthy eating.

Eating a balanced and wholesome diet affects the whole body. There is a general perception that energy-rich foods are eaten in large quantities. This is a stupid misconception. In fact, overeating can lead to overeating. This is an unhealthy nomenclature. Excess body fat can lead to the onset of many diseases. In fact, it is necessary to take vegetables for good health.

It is true that meat has a lot of energy and a lot of protein, but because of its high blood cholesterol level, the risk of heart disease remains high. Meat increases the levels of urea and uric acid in the body, leading to an outbreak of muscle and bone diseases. When an animal is killed, its body is filled with adrenaline and adrenaline in its blood due to fear. These products are harmful to the health of the person.

Balance and healthy eating.

Therefore, if the animal is killed, the meat is mixed with these harmful substances, so that meat is not good for human health, but it is harmful to a great extent. Some people think that vegetarian food does not have the necessary protein. This idea is also wrong.

And there is no truth in this belief because our body has some natural benefits that the body can make essential amino acids from less essential amino acids. At the same time, we need to pay attention to the fact that the composition of the human body is suitable for a vegetarian diet.

Human teeth and nails are favorable to be carnivorous and also the human digestive system is not conducive to human digestion. The salivary glands of carnivorous animals are much more impure than human saliva. In addition, the structure of the tongue and gallbladder is very different from that of carnivores.

There is ample evidence that the human body structure is not conducive to vegetarianism. So nowadays a lot of people are going from non-vegetarian to vegetarian. About 5 lakh people in Europe are currently vegetarian every year.

Let us mention a few harmful things in carnivores – carnivores increase constipation, help to increase diabetes, can lead to nervous disorders, most of the body’s toxins can increase toxins, and the liver, pancreas, and kidneys can be damaged.

natural health care tips

Increases the concentration of blood and disrupts the normal speed of the body. It can even cause cancer. It is important to remember that when a person eats food, not only does he eat the food but he also vibrates and accepts it in the minds of other producers.

If a frustrated, restless, angry person sings a bhajan, then that emotional effect of his must affect the eater. It is not a matter of emotion or fiction. Modern science has shown that scientific experiments have shown that a tree is capable of feeling that vibration.

If a person goes to a tree and decides to just tear the leaves, then that tree also starts to vibrate. In order to better understand the subject, three approximately equal size trees have been taken.

Three people have been appointed to water the three trees every day. The first is an ordinary person, the second is a criminal, and the third is mentally ill. With the exception of a few days, it has been seen that the common man has the best quality of the tree compared to the other two.

In the same way, many experiments have shown that the emotional impact of a food maker on his diet is significant. For this reason, lovingly prepared food gives peace of mind to the recipient and enhances his health.

In the current socio-economic situation, the minds of very few people are white, calm, and affectionate. At the moment, “Rajrog Meditation” has received a very positive response from all over the world for the practice of mind.

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About 133 countries, including underdeveloped, developing, and underdeveloped countries, are embracing “Rajyog Meditation”. Pride is the center of Rajyog meditation education in India and its main center is Mount Abu in Rajasthan. Millions of people around the world have benefited immensely from the shadow of Rajyog Meditation.

Therefore, for the sake of mental health, the moment, Rajyog Meditation facility has gained recognition as an unparalleled state-of-the-art scientific method. Now let’s talk about diet, in order to have a balanced and balanced diet, we have to pay special attention to the quality of food.

When determining the quality, it is important to keep in mind that the number of carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, and mineral water in the total daily meal should be just right.

The help of a nutritionist can be used to select the necessary nutritious food from vegetables and fruits. The amount of food will depend on the physical constitution of the person, mental condition, nature of work, age, environment, etc.

Natural health tips

However, in general, nutritionists suggest that half of the food taken according to the size of the stomach will be one-fourth, and the rest of the liquid will be zero.

Then in choosing food, one must look at the quality of food, which in one word can be called moderate food. It has been observed that throughout a person’s life, the assurance of disease-free survival is truly achieved through a moderate diet.

Above all, it is better to memorize the proverbial words “desire is in the house of taste” and “he who eats less will actually eat more”, then my health will be in my hands.


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