what is graphql

what is graphql? what does a business report look like

what is graphql?

Question – 17. What is a Formatted Report/graphql?

A: Page margins, headers, footers, etc. need to be presented nicely in order to present the report properly. Reports created using page margins, headers, footers, etc. are called formatted reports/graphql.

Question-18. Write the names of some RDBMS software.

Ans: 1. Microsoft Access 2. Oracle 4. MY SQL 5. SQL Server

Question-18. What is data type?graphql

Answer: All the information used in the database, according to its nature, different types of fields, data format, length of data, etc. are called data types.

Question-18. What is a query?

A query is a method of quickly or easily finding or displaying or printing any number of data required from a large amount of data stored in one or more tables in a database, subject to certain conditions.

Q-19. What is sorting?

Ans: Sorting is sorting some data in the same category in ascending or descending order of their quality. Two types of sorting. E.g.

  1. A) Aescending from small to large or ascending or ascending.
  2. B) Descending from large to small or descending or descending.

Q-20. What is Indexing?graphql

Ans: An index is a systematic or well-organized index of information. Database indexing is the process of arranging the addresses of records in a database table in a logical order.

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Question-21. What is a relational database?graphql

Ans: The relation of data or record of one data table with the data or record of one or more data tables in that database is called a relational database.

4 types of relational databases. E.g.-

  1. i) One to One ii) One to Many

iii) Many to One iv) Many to Many


  1. i) One to One Relation: If one of the two database files is related to one of the records of one table and only one record of the other table then the method of relating is called One to One Relation.
  2. ii) One to Many Relations One to Many Relation is the process of relating one record of the first table between any two tables to more than one record of the other table.

iii) Many to One Relations Many to One Relation is the process of relating one record of any database or data table to one record of another database.

  1. iv) Many to Many Relations If a relation is established between multiple records of a table in a database and between multiple records of another table, then it is called Many to Many Relation.

Question-22. What are the conditions of the database relationship?


  1. There must be at least two tables to create a relational database.
  2. Relationship databases or data tables must have a common primary key field.
  3. All common primary key fields must be the same size.
  4. The data type of the primary key field must be the same in all files.
  5. The name of the common primary key-field of all files must be the same.

. To relate both tables, both tables need to be visible in the same window.

Question-23. What is Form?

A: The method by which the data in a data table is displayed in a datasheet view and the data is displayed in column form, so that the complete data of a record can be viewed at once, is called form.

Question-24. What is a report/graphql?

Ans: Reporting is the process of arranging and presenting the required data from different tables of different databases. With the help of reports, all the data in the data table can be presented more beautifully.

Question-26. What is a corporate database?

Ans: Large corporate entities (such as banks, insurance, public-private financial institutions, etc.) for the inter-communication systems are called corporate databases which use a special type of large database software to link branch offices with central offices.


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