what is hacking

what is hacking? best plagiarism 2022?

Question-36. What is Computer Crime/ hacking?

A: Any type of crime that involves computer hardware, software, and networks is a computer crime or computer crime, or computer immorality. Types of computer crimes include Internet privacy, software piracy, cybercrime, hacking, spamming, computer viruses, cyber theft, data theft, plagiarism, unauthorized access, or interference.

Question-37. What is copyrighted software?

A: Software that has a serial number and has to pay for its use is called copyrighted software.

Question-38. What is Cyber ​​Crime/ hacking?

A: It is a cybercrime to use computer software, network sharing, data, or information using the Internet directly or indirectly to harm others without permission.

Basically, the type of crime that is committed using the internet is, therefore, internet crime or cybercrime. Those who are involved in cybercrime are called cybercriminals.

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Question-39. What is plagiarism/ hacking?

A: Plagiarism is the practice of passing on one’s own name without mentioning other people’s writings, pictures, audio-video, researched programming code, data, etc. The Internet contains information on almost every subject in the world. If the contribution of the actual informant is not acknowledged in the use of this information, it will fall into plagiarism.

Q-40. What is software piracy?

Ans: Software piracy refers to the activities of copying any software without the permission of the manufacturer, distributing it under one’s own name, or carrying it out as one’s own through any kind of modification.

Question-41. What are Hacking and hackers?

A: Hacking is the act of entering another person’s computer network without permission through the creation and application of programs.

And the person or programmer who is hacking is called a hacker. Hackers are usually highly skilled programmers and are prone to creating system-destroying programs. Hackers steal or destroy information in various ways.

Question-42. What is spamming?

A: E-mail addresses often contain unsolicited and unwanted or unwanted emails which annoy us. All these mails are called spamming mails.

Question-43. What are Blog and Blogger?

Blog: A blog is a type of specialized website or online-based service where individuals or organizations express their personal opinions.

Blogger: Blogger is the name given to those who regularly write blogs on websites or web pages. Blogger is an online-based service organization that publishes its personal opinions.

Question-44. What is a computer virus?

A: A computer virus is a malicious program that can automatically infect, execute, and spread. Renowned researcher Fred Cohen has dubbed this harmful and destructive computer program “virus”. The word VIRUS is Vital Information Resources Under Seize Boot Sector, Trojan Horse, etc. Virus.

A: Anti-virus software is software that is developed to keep computers free of viruses and to protect them from harmful effects. Some of the anti-virus programs are 1. Norton Antivirus. 2. Avast 2. 360 Total Security 4. AVG 5. Kaspersky Antivirus.

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