what is information?

what is information? What is a record?

Question-1. what is information?

Ans: The result obtained by processing data in an orderly manner is called information.

Information is an integrated concept of data. Such as the result sheets of the students,

the salary bills of the officers and employees of different organizations, one by one.

Question-2. What is a database?

Answer: The word data means data and the word base means base or assembly.

So in the literal sense Database is a collection of comprehensive data on various related topics.

The database consists of one or more interconnected files or tables.

In other words, the collection of related data is called a database.

Question 3. What is data/ information?

Answer: The word Data is plural of the Latin word Datum. Datum means an item of information. The smaller components of data are data. Data is the raw materials used in processing to obtain precise output or results.


Question-4. What is a field?

Answer: A signal that expresses the characteristics of a record consisting of one or more letters is called a field. The smallest unit on the record is the field. Each field is usually a column heading. Such as name, surname, salary, etc. is a field.

Question-5. What is a record?

Answer: The data contained under a number of interrelated fields is called a record. A record is made up of descriptions of the names, titles, salaries, etc. of an office employee.

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7. What is Table / File?

A: A table is made up of a number of interrelated records. One such table is the salary file prepared for the teachers of the institution, the admission file for the admission of the students, and the result file for the results.

Question-6. What is Key Field?

Ans: The field on the basis of which the record of a database file is identified is called the key field. File record identification, search, relationships, etc. are usually performed based on a specific field. There are three types of key fields. E.g.

1 | Primary Key Field 2 | Secondary Key Field or Foreign Key Field. 3 | Composite Primary Key Field

Question-8. What is Primary Key Field?

Answer: The primary key is the field records that can be identified in one and the same way. That is, the field in which each data is different is called the primary key field. Primary key fields like the serial number of students, roll number of examinees, bank account number, etc.

Question-9. What is Foreign Key Field/ information?

Answer: If the primary key field of one database table is used as the common key of another database table, then the primary key of the first table is called the foreign key of the second table. Class roll primary key in the list of college students. But in the list of H, S, C candidates, the class roll is the foreign key and the roll number of H. S. C is the primary key.

Q-10. What is Composite Primary Key Field?

A: When a database file does not contain a specific primary key, a field cannot be used as a primary key field. In all cases, the two fields are used together as the primary key field. This type of primary key field is called composite primary key field. For example, using a person’s name and father’s name together on a table can be considered as a composite primary key field.

Question-11. What is Entity?

A: Each record in the data file included in the database is called an NTT, consisting of a number of fields. For example, the name of the professor file – Karim, title: – Professor, salary: – 25500 rupees, etc. The data is called an NTT.

Question-12. What is Entity Set?

Answer: If there are multiple fields under an NTT, then the sum of their data is called NTT set or NTT record. For example, the name of the professor’s file – Karim, title: – Professor, salary: – 25500 rupees, etc. All the data is NTT set.

Question-13. What are Attributes/ information?

Answer: The fields under an NTT set that express the properties of that NTT are called attributes. Fields such as professor file name, title, salary, etc. are called attributes.

Question-14. What is DBMS- (Database Management System)?

Ans: Data input, data processing, editing, data control, relationship building, storage, maintenance, management, etc. in a database consisting of a number of programs are collectively called Database Management System (DBMS).

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Question-15. What is RDBMS/ information?

Ans: Relational Database Management System is the process of establishing relationships between multiple database files based on a common field for using data from different database files.

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