What is robotics?

What is robotics? What is artificial intelligence? best 18 question

Question-11. What is Reservation System?

A: The system of efficient and efficient management of vehicle seats through Wide Area Network (WAN) is called the reservation system. Seats are reserved for planes, trains, boats, hotels, and motels. This will prevent the wastage of time, money, and labor. At present Bangladesh Biman and Bangladesh Railway are providing reservation system facilities in different transport sectors. (What is robotics?)

What is robotics?

Question-12. What is Bulletin Board?

Answer: Bulletin board is an electronic notice board where various notices or information are stored. It is a huge computer system that is connected to many computers through telephone lines. With a computer connected to the bulletin board, news stored on the board can be viewed and sent to any news board.

Question-13. What is Voice Processing?

A: Voice processing is a method of processing, storing, and transferring data generated from the human voice. Voice processing is the latest addition to the current telecommunications system.

Question-14. What is electronic fund transfer?

Ans: Electronic Fund Transfer is a method of transferring money by electronic means.

What is robotics?

Question-15. What is e-education?

Ans: E-education is the electronic system that allows students to study, take exams or learn from various educational websites and conduct educational activities online at home.

Question-18. What is sourcing?

Answer: It is called outsourcing when a person or organization from home or abroad uses a computer and the internet to complete the work online at home for a fee. Outsourcing is called open profession or freelancing. Global Outsourcing Marketplaces include Freelancer.com, Odex, Elance, Guru, etc.

Question-18. What is Distance Learning?

A: Various educational institutions in the world online through the internet connection.

What is robotics?

Question-18. What is an e-book? What is robotics?

Ans: E-book is the digital version of the book instead of the traditional method using information technology. The website on which the e-book is stored is called an online library.

Q-19. What is telemedicine?

Ans: Telemedicine is the practice of communicating through the internet and sitting at home or staying in one country and receiving the services of specialist doctors from another country.

With the help of telemedicine technology, the medical services of specialist doctors of other countries can be availed without staying abroad in one country.

What is robotics?

Q-20. What is a digital office?

Ans: It is called the virtual office or digital office to complete office work at any time sitting at home without going to the office through the internet.

Question-21. What is online shopping?

A: Online shopping is the process of shopping at home through an internet connection or any other electronic media.

Question-22. What is e-governance?

A: E-governance is the delivery of various services of online government organizations to all the people of the country. As a result of e-governance, most of the information or services of the state are being made available to the people, and all communication activities are being carried out, including the exchange of any kind of institutional information.

Question-23. What is e-commerce?

A: In all countries of the world, e-commerce is the act of buying, selling, taking orders and delivering between individuals or organizations through the internet or any other electronic media. Expensive products like books, computers, TVs, refrigerators, cars, etc. are bought and sold through the internet. In this way, both the buyer and the seller are benefiting.

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Question-24. What is a smart home system?

A: A smart home system is a housing system that can be used to control a home heating system, cooling system, lighting system, and security controlling system with the help of remote controlling or programming devices.

Question-25. What is virtual reality?

Answer: Virtual reality or science fiction is the science-based imagination that creates the illusion of reality, not real. It uses computer technology and simulation theory to create a realistic environment through which users can gain real experience.

Virtual reality is a computer-controlled environment where the user can be immersed in that environment, enjoy the scenes created by imitating reality, as well as experience real-life sensations and physical and mental emotions, sensations of excitement, etc.

The user has to wear a head-mounted display (HMD), a data glove, or a full-body suit in his hand, and virtual reality gives him real experience without any physical risk or danger.

 Question-26. What is artificial intelligence?

Ans: Artificial intelligence (AI) is the process by which human beings artificially form their thoughts on computers in the same way. A variety of programming languages ​​are used to apply artificial intelligence. Such as- NLISP, CLISP, PROLOG, C, C, Java, Oracle, etc.

John McCarthy of MIT in the United States first introduced the term artificial intelligence in 1956. The use of artificial intelligence can be grouped into three main areas. These are Intelligent Science, Robotics, Natural Interface.

Question-28. What is robotics?

Ans: Robotics is the science of designing, constructing, constructing, working, and using computer-controlled devices. In addition, it works with the control, sensory feedback, and application of robots.

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What is robotics?

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