what is telemedicine

what is telemedicine?

what is telemedicine?

Ans: Telemedicine is the name given to the exchange of medical services through various online internet tools such as teleconferencing, video conferencing, SMS, or MMS. In this way, there is an opportunity to consult with specialist doctors from home and abroad.

what is telemedicine

The use of information technology in the health sector of Bangladesh has started in the last few years, Done. Medical services through mobile phones or video conferencing are gradually being introduced in some Upazila or district level government-private hospitals.

Despite its limitations, the information technology service is slowly gaining popularity. Entrepreneurs are planning to expand it further in the future. The key to telemedicine is to reach out to the public using information technology.

Mobile phones are provided in the hospital as a technical service, which is open 24 hours a day. There is always a doctor who can provide emergency medical services or advice at any time of the day or night.

At present, mobile medical services are available in 417 Upazilas of Bangladesh. Telemedicine services have already been launched in a private hospital. The patients of Faridpur District City are Diabetic.

what is telemedicine?

Hospitals have been receiving treatment from specialist doctors in Dhaka through video conferencing for some time now. In this method, the patient stays in the telemedicine room of Faridpur and the doctor stays in the diabetic hospital of Dhaka.

The two see each other through a webcam. The doctor diagnoses the disease by answering the patient’s questions. The doctor on the other end can see the report of the patient’s medical examination through the web camera.

Doctors in various fields are engaged in providing consultation services to doctors in developed countries during operations. A panel of about 70 specialist doctors is engaged in telemedicine services.

In some cases, doctors take the advice of a doctor from a developed country when performing an operation. In this case, they take the advice of a doctor

from a developed country during the entire operation. In this case, the whole operation process is reached through video conferencing to the doctor of the other end. He also watches the operation closely and can also attend via video conferencing if he wants to give any advice.

As a result, the doctors who are performing the operation can perform the operation properly. In this way, a specialist doctor can share his experience in any part of the world.

Thus the global medical system is evolving. As a result, the people of underdeveloped countries also get medical benefits from developed countries. www.treatmentonline.com is a website where online services are

available from anywhere in the world.  Explain what telemedicine is.

What is required for telemedicine service? What is a telemedicine service?

How many special medical panels are there in the country for telemedicine services. Telemedicine doctors.

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what is telemedicine?

Information and communication technology is a very broad and changing subject. Extensive development and research on this subject constantly Being. As a result, keeping pace with this continuum of evolution is indeed a difficult task. The countries of the developed world.

Information and communication technology is making unprecedented progress and success in the fields of politics, economics, military, etc.
Utilizing this huge potential. Information is one of the keys to tackling the challenges of the 21st century. The pace of development can be accelerated by using accurate information in time.

That as efficiently as data collection,
The more he can save, use and manage, the faster he can reach the pinnacle of development. In a very short time
There is no alternative to information and communication technology to take a developing country to a developed country like Qatar.

Students use information and communication technology to acquire knowledge and information from around the world, talent and creativity, unemployment.
Will be able to alleviate, alleviate poverty, improve work and improve living standards.

What does telemedicine mean?

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