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what vegetables are good for diabetics best 15 type

what vegetables are good for diabetics? If the pancreas cannot make enough insulin or if the body fails to use the insulin it produces, then the disease is called diabetes. Simply uncontrolled glucose in the body. Although there are many types of treatment, herbal remedies are the most effective. In addition, some changes in eating habits, exercise, or walking play a major role in controlling diabetes, so it is up to you to reduce the risk of the disease. So control diabetes with herbal ingredients. what vegetables are good for diabetics?

the best vegetable to eat for a diabetic: Corolla juice

Drinking a certain amount of corolla juice every day will lower the blood glucose level in diabetic patients, increase the secretion of insulin in the blood, reduce the absorption of glucose in the intestines and reduce the number of harmful fats in the blood. Take 100 ml of Coralla juice twice a day after meals. Corolla juice powder is also available which is 100 mg per kg body weight. Divide it into two equal portions and eat twice a day on a full stomach. what vegetables are good for diabetics

vegetables eaten in diabetes: Fig leaves

The use of fig leaves is very beneficial in controlling diabetes. Although it is not a common antidote. Patients with diabetes can take fig leaf juice with breakfast every morning. Or boil fig leaves in water and drink that water in the form of tea to control diabetes.

diet for gestational diabetes vegetables: Cumin

Various research papers published claim that cumin 1) lowers blood glucose levels 2) lowers blood fat levels 3) prevents the formation of AGE (Advanced Glycated End-product) responsible for diabetic complications. Some researchers claim that cumin’s efficacy is similar to that of the widely used diabetes medication Glibenclamide (such as Dibenol). It is important to keep in mind that cumin aldehyde in cumin reacts quickly with oxygen in the air and is destroyed. what vegetables are good for diabetics.

good vegetables for diabetes diet: Cinnamon

Cinnamon is very effective in lowering your blood sugar levels. So patients with diabetes can control their diabetes by taking cinnamon.

diet for diabetes fruits and vegetables: Grape seed juice

You can use grape seeds to control your diabetes. Consumption of 50 grams of grape seed juice per day lowers blood sugar levels as expected.

vegetables eat in diabetes: Olive oil

One of the many benefits of olive oil is its diabetes control. Drinking a cup of olive oil every night before going to bed will help you control your diabetes.

vegetables are good for diabetics: Nayantara flowers

Nayantara is a very familiar flower. All parts of this flower are bitter. Chewing two leaves every morning on an empty stomach helps control diabetes.

vegetable good for diabetics: Neem basil

Basil is rich in antioxidants and neem leaves have medicinal properties. Neem leaves and basil leaves are good for curing diabetes. You will get good benefits by washing five mint leaves and neem leaves in water and chewing them on an empty stomach.


Fenugreek seeds are beneficial for health. Fenugreek is rich in soluble fiber. It is very helpful in digestion. Fenugreek helps reduce glucose levels. Soak two tablespoons of fenugreek in water every night and drink this water on an empty stomach in the morning. It will benefit various diseases including diabetes.

diet for diabetes fruits and vegetables: Blackberries

Blackberry is a summer fruit. It is one of the best fruits for controlling blood sugar. what vegetables are good for diabetics.


Potatoes are fiber-rich vegetables. Recent studies have shown that to cure diabetes, cut a potato and soak it in a glass of water at night. Drink this water on an empty stomach in the morning.

Sweet pumpkin

Sweet pumpkin is a very nutritious vegetable. Diabetic patients will have their diabetic control if they eat this vegetable. In addition, sweet pumpkins are rich in vitamin A. As a result, it eliminates eye problems and prevents night blindness.

Exercise regularly

Exercise every day. Physical activity works to increase the sensitivity of tissues in the body and keep the weight right. Exercise is effective in controlling blood glucose levels. However, consult a doctor before starting the exercise. what vegetables are good for diabetics.

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diet for diabetes fruits and vegetables: Eat fresh food

Try to eat fresh food. Many foods are spoiled or reduced in quality during food processing in factories. It is better to eat more fruits, vegetables, fish, meat, and nuts. These foods purify carbohydrates, sugars, and fats. These foods reduce the risk of diabetes by controlling weight. what vegetables are good for diabetics.

Sleep well

Getting enough sleep is very important in controlling diabetes. Sleep problems increase the risk of overweight and diabetes. Not only sound sleep but his alertness and dedication too are most required. what vegetables are good for diabetics.

Meditation to relieve stress

Meditate regularly to get rid of stress. Cortisol, epinephrine, and glucagon are hormones that increase stress. This raises blood sugar levels. what vegetables are good for diabetics.


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